10 Tips to Go Zero Waste

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Following last week’s Zero Waste Workshop with Camille Fairbanks, we wanted to highlight some of top waste reduction tips that are easy to follow and a great way to kickstart a zero waste lifestyle! When looking towards a zero waste lifestyle keep in mind the five R’s:

Refuse the items and product that you don’t need,

Reduce what you do need,

Reuse and repurpose what you have,

Recycle whenever you can,

Rot all your compostable items.

Here are the top tips to help reduce your waste footprint:

  1. Bring your own packaging, such as glass Tupperware, for meats and other deli products (ask your local grocer if this is okay beforehand)
  2. Invest in waxed paper to replace plastic wrap (wax wraps can be re-dipped to keep their sealing properties)
  3. Bring your own containers, such as mason jars or mesh bags, to buy bulk products to eliminate excess packaging
  4. Eliminate plastic shopping bags for groceries and produce with reusable cloth and mesh bags (always keep small foldable bag with you in case of emergencies in your car or purse)
  5. Reach out to local shops, producers and businesses when buying goods/products to eliminate excess package and manufacturing processes
  6. Replace paper towels, napkins, and Kleenex with washable cloth material such as scrap fabric or old flour sacs
  7. Create a “on the go” cutlery set to avoid plastic utensils use when eating fast food/take-out
  8. Utilize washable heavy-duty plastic bags and lunch kits over Ziploc bags for snacking and food storage (plan for your kids snacks to eliminate buying snacks when on the go)
  9. When articles of clothing or cloth bags become damaged, consider patching them or repurposing them instead of buying new products
  10. It’s okay if you’re not able to be 100% zero waste. Trying one or two new strategies can make a big difference.

For more zero waste tips and tricks, check out Camille’s website.

  1. Tracey

    I keep a tupperware container and lid in my car for when we go out to eat – I almost take leftovers home, and this way, I can put them in my own container, instead of getting a styrofoam container from the restaurant.

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