Kim Overes, Super Naturista

She’s an incredible business owner/boss who strives to bring reusable products in store and educates herself, staff and customers about
reducing waste. She is dedicated to serving the community of Lethbridge with reusable products and supporting those of us who are also
dedicated to green living.

Rudy Reger, Net Zero Man

Rudy has a belief in the power of energy efficiency to make the Earth a better place, that inspires him to take action. He is an early adopter
of energy efficiency solutions even when they are still difficult and expensive. He has created a business to make solutions available to everyone
and to lead the way to easier and cheaper green technology for all. In his personal life he is leading by example. He is building the Casa Verde
net zero home project, which incorporates solar, geothermal, passive solar design and impressive insulation. He offers people tours of his home
construction project. This cutting edge home will have no water or gas connections and is an inspiring example of sustainable home construction
for us all. His dedication to a sustainable lifestyle includes electric vehicles as well. If you need a sustainable element for your home, Rudy is a
knowledgeable source for information and resources. His company, Energy Smart, can install anything from a heat-exchanging water tank, that
uses the air in your home to make hot water, to a complete geothermal or solar system.

Rene Plaizier, Solara

Rene is a co-worker of mine and I so admire how she reduces, reuses and recycles in all areas of her life. Rene’s packed lunches are always
in re-usable containers, she doesn’t use any ‘one time’ use products, she recycles everything, she supports others to re-cycle, she is a
cheerleader for re-cycling at work – Ability Resource Centre, she grows a garden, she is always striving to reduce her carbon footprint. Rene
volunteers at a variety of places and encourages reducing and recycling throughout the community. Rene really cares about being kind to
the environment and she is a great role model of all of us.

Kennedy Carpenter, Super Recycler

Kennedy is a Grade 4 teacher who works in Nobleford. Prior to last year the school did not have a recycling program as there was no
recycling removal system for the school. Kennedy, being only a first-year teacher, decided to set up a recycling program. Every week her
grade 4 students would collect recycling from around the school and separate it into categories. On Fridays she would take the recycling
collected from the entire school (which is A LOT!) and drive it herself to the recycling depot. This is a big job. We are very grateful that she
has helped our school to become more green!

Jenna Hafso, Green Inspiration

On a daily basis they do everything they can to reduce their impact on the environment and help other people in the community to do the
same. She does everything, the usual stuff and more. She doesn’t just use reusable bags at the checkout counter, she made her own
vegetable bags to replace the plastic ones out of repurposed curtains. After seeing the amount people were throwing in the trash outside
of her apartment she made signs volunteering to donate their items simply so they would get another life and cut down on the amount of
resources the community is requiring. She picks up trash in the park in her spare time. She’s vegan. She stopped driving to lessen her
CO2 emissions. She wants to pursue a career to help the environment. I know no one that cares more. If everyone lived the way she did,
the world would be much healthier! She works with kids and encourages them to pick up their trash on a daily basis, also arranging a
presentation to teach about resource depletion and recycling!

Janell, Wildlife Whisperer

She is always in “nature”. Learning about the environment around her, helping injured animals and learning about their habitat. Learning
about the environment around her, helping injured animals and learning about their habitat.

Joanna Fraser, Green Thumb

Joanna lends her time and talent and energy to making a better world for wildlife! Joanna has volunteered many hours to support organizations
she believes in, and she has a passion for wildlife habitat conservation and development. Notably, she has supported the Helen Schuler
Nature Centre as well as the Lethbridge Bee Enthusiasts. Through her business, Jo Jo’s Garden Design and Consulting, she always likes
to recommend pollinator-friendly plants to her clients whenever possible.

Green Challenge Participants, the Green Team
The Green Challenge participants took on a month of tough challenges to become more energy efficient and reduce their environmental footprint.


Clean Sweep Program, The Amazing Clean-up Force

Our superhero volunteers make the downtown clean and safe for the rest of our community. They clean streets and sidewalks during the
spring and summer, collect leaves in the fall and remove snow from public realm areas in the winter. They divert hundreds of bags of leaves
to the City composting site each year. Their goal is to leave no leaf behind. Our superhero’s care passionately about our downtown core
and take great pride in the work that they do.


Bavaru Events and Catering, Bravo Bavaru

Bavaru is owned and operated by a local newcomer, who makes big efforts in hiring other immigrants to help them support their families
in Lethbridge and abroad, while promoting international and multicultural events and cuisine. Bavaru also loves to support local initiatives
such as Soup Sisters and Jerran 55, provide unique experiences with great professionalism. The food industry is full of waste! While
being a small business, Bavaru goes the extra mile by proving biodegradable utensils, and cups, and donates leftovers to limit food waste.

Mocha Cabana, Defeater of Plastic

Mocha Cabana is one of the business’ that signed up to be apart of the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program with Environment
Lethbridge. During the program they have committed to making their business more energy efficient. Over the summer they worked on
reducing/removing single-use plastics from their current and future operations. Over the summer they worked on reducing/removing
single-use plastics from their current and future operations.

Purple Carrot Health Food and Wellness, Planet Protectors

The Purple Carrot is a business that is part of the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program. Since signing up for the program they have
taken many steps to become more energy efficient. They have installed smart power bars and upgraded their lighting. Purple Carrot has
made many energy efficient upgrades to their business. They are also committed to making Lethbridge less wasteful. They sell a variety of
bulk items that people can refill with their own jars and they sell many different products that can be reused to reduce waste. A
locally-focused shop that specialize in less/zero waste products that are environmentally friendly. They carry a variety of locally made items
that help individuals reduce their waste and their staff are amazing!

Runner’s Soul, Captain Kilowatt

Runner’s Soul is a business that is part of the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program. Since signing up for the program, they have made
many energy efficient upgrades to their store, including replacing their light bulbs with LED light bulbs.

Kapow Comics, Super-Enviro-Kapow

Kapow is one of the businesses that signed up for the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program. Since then they have upgraded their
lighting to LEDs, installed smart power bars and set up an in depth recycling program for their business and patrons.

Theoretically Brewing Company, Green Erlenmeyer

Theoretically Brewing Company was one of the first businesses to sign up for the Small Energy Efficiency Program. Since that time, they have
sealed their bay doors to prevent energy loss, changed the lighting in their tasting room to more energy efficient lighting, installed and
programmed a thermostat for more energy savings, established an energy efficiency policy and expanded their business’s recycling program.

Southern Alberta Ethnic Association, SAEA the Change

The Southern Alberta Ethnic Association is taking part in the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program.  Since signing up for the program,
they have created a recycling program in their office for paper, cardboard, plastics, glass and returnables. They have also begun making energy
efficient upgrades to their organization including installing smart power bars.

Geomattic Attic, the Solarator

Geomattic Attic is one of the businesses who has signed up for our Small Business Energy Efficiency Program and is currently making
energy efficient upgrades to their business.

Lane Archery, Green Arrow

Lane Archery is one of the businesses who has signed up for our Small Business Energy Efficiency Program and is currently making
energy efficient upgrades to their business.

Alberta Bike Swap, Pedal Power Peddlers

Sell bikes faster than a speeding peloton. Alberta Bike Swap travels around the province each spring to run one-day bike swaps, including
one in Lethbridge. With throngs of buyers converging on one location, a used bike has an excellent chance of continuing an active, useful life
instead of being exiled to the city dump. People who may not have the means to buy a new bike may find a perfectly good used bike at an
affordable price and embark on a greener bicycle-supported lifestyle. When bikes don’t sell and, sadly, are not wanted by their previous owners,
our superheroes seek out local organizations who will find homes for them. Less waste, more people on bikes – how green is that? Alberta
Bike Swap shares the proceeds from their bike swaps with the communities where they are held, providing funding and resources, like this
year’s CAN-BIKE course, to promote safe cycling.

Umami, UMazing Umami

Umami strives to be better and do better, despite obstacles they may face running a restaurant AND grocery store. Patricia and Sven have
implemented several composting and recycling operations into their business, Umami, which help to decrease their impact on the environment.
They also serve up a mean Miso Ramen!