Each year we ask our community who deserves to be recognized for the actions they’re taking to improve our community and our environment. We call these people our 2019 Green Superhero’s:

Youth Category

Ella Hatt, The Cool-ee (Coulee) Cleaner

Ella cares about what is happening to our planet and to the animals that live here. In May 2018, for her 7th birthday, she requested to host a coulee cleanup event with her friends or class. This idea bloomed into organizing her entire school to participate in a community clean up event in 2018 and again in 2019. To mobilize her school even more, she is fundraising to raise money for the costs of buses so the whole school can participate in a full-day event! Ella incorporates nature into all her passions, and has been working with her cheer coach to find ways to bring nature into cheer.

Sydney Whiting, Super Sydney

Sydney was an instrumental part of organizing one of Lethbridge’s biggest climate strikes. Pulling inspiration from teen activist, Greta Thunberg, she was able to bring together a huge group of like minded individuals from all over the city and rally together to ask our leaders to make policy changes.

Madison Bronk, Magnificent Madi

Madison was an integral part of leading Lethbridge’s Youth Climate Strike. She is a visionary and knows that the climate crisis needs to be addressed so that her and her generation can have a promising future.

Hazel Peel-Hodgson, Habitat Hero Hazel 

Hazel and her grandfather, Don, spearheaded the development of the Magrath Nature Trail, an initiative designed to reduce pesticides from impact the water and habitat of the endangered Northern Leopard Frog. Hazel researched and presented an indepth report on the issue and suggested alternatives to Magrath Council to protect this important pieces of habitat. Hazel is a leader in local action. She identified a problem, researched a solution and presented to local Town Council.

Individual Category

Penny Balfour, Plastic Pollution Preventing Penny

When Penny built a new home, a recycling station was on her mind. Her son, Trayvis, says she custom built a recycling station so that every single thing could be recycled and hardly anything is wasted; she only produces 1-2 minimal bags of garbage a month.

Hilary Squires, Super-Human Hilary

Hilary has worked hard to help her workplace, the Galt Museum be more sustainable on top of that she volunteers with Southminster United Church and works towards making it more sustainable as well. She’s an active member of the Southern Alberta Zero Waste group and works hard to ensure things are being re-purposed and not going to waste.

Kalie Veres, The Stewardship Educator

Kalie and her family do an annual clean-up in December to help keep their favourite parks in pristine condition. Kalie is an early-childhood educator who also involves her ECS students in Coulee Clean-Up by taking them out for multiple clean-ups where they learn about their local natural environment. Her continued involvement and enthusiasm for river valley conservation projects is notable! She is committed to providing as much outdoor time for her family and students while also providing opportunities to develop a strong stewardship ethic for the next generation.

Knud Peterson, Green Superman

Knud Petersen seems to be everywhere in Lethbridge advancing the idea of being green through his values and actions. Knud’s green superpower has been felt in farmers’ fields, local sports events, University and College boardrooms, meetings of environmental organizations, and rallies for action on human justice and climate change. Through his volunteer acts Knud leads and inspires others to participate in community, to be kind, and to be green.

Cheryl Bradley & Lorne Fitch, Dynamic Duo

Cheryl and Lorne have been involved in a myriad of environmental issues and projects including grassland and riparian protection, waste reduction and water conservation. They have been involved with organizations such as Southern Alberta Group for the Environment, Cows and Fish and Environment Lethbridge. Together they have spearheaded projects such as Wasteless, sustainability initiatives at the Upper Victoria Park Neighbour Day and the Doggy Doo Doo Clean up.

Marshall Gardner, Super Passive Home Dude

He wants to decrease energy usage by using passive house concepts. He teaches passive house online. He’s just a really great guy who is super smart and wants to help people and the planet.

Sharon Prenevost, The Sustainable Sewer

Sharon coordinated a group of local sewers to make and distribute beautiful cloth bags at local businesses. Not only has the group made hundreds of reusable bags, they partnered with local businesses such as Naturistas and London Drugs to distribute bags and raise awareness of single use plastics.

Organization Category

Upper Victoria Park Neighbourhood Assocation, Upper Vic Park Pac

After a hard and busy day of garage sales and festivals the organization puts on a community potluck. Here they’ve vowed to reduce their waste by making recycling and compost available as well as not using any single-use plastics.

3R Eco Bags, Sustainable Sewers

This project supported by Greenscene Environmental, Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW), Sons of NOrway, Women of the United & Lutheran Church, McKillop Unite Church – Justice, Peace & Social Action Group (JP&SA), and Friends have come together to support the intiatives to create reusable bags and items free of charge to the public.

Business Category

Kevin Brees & Park Place Shopping Center, Mall Eco-Mavens

There is so much to know and be proud of when it comes to your cities mall! And there is so many ideas that are just waiting to be completed too. Mandating that exterior lights are only used for business hours, having a voluntary recycling program from their tenants, having a near zero contamination recycling center, reusing materials for renovations – the brick in the food court was re-purposed! They are truly passionate about what their social impact is. Their rooftop gardens grow vegetables and is then donated to local food banks, items left behind in renovations are found new homes – recently when Sears Optomotrists left they gifted the technology that was left behind to a less fortunate country. They’re doing their best to help the community, the environment, and when they can, the world!

Sherlock & Watson, The Green Team

Every large event Sherlock & Watson work at has resulted in minimal garbage and maximum recycling. They are very extremely conscientious and are quick to explain to everyone how and why to recycle – in a friendly and upbeat way.

Joe Molina & Rentbridge, Captain Reduction

Rentbridge is looking at reducing waste by creating an online network where people can rent items from each other rather than buying new for everything, significantly reducing our waste and consumerism. Joe has spearheaded the development of Rentbridge, has been passionate about it was a way to live more sustainably, and has been working hard at it for nearly 2 years with no pay. In his daily life he further exemplifies this with buying local, not using single use plastics, using tote bags, reusable mugs at coffee shops, and more. He lives and breathes reducing waste.

Neu-Lite Electric, The Green Spark

Neu-Lite is a very community based company always on the lookout for ways to combat energy injustice. They just recently had installed 30kW of rooftop solar on their office.

Brio Salon & Spa, Brio Babes

They are doing their part to use sustainable product, using companies to properly dispose of chemical waste, and a group of employees get together and call themselves the “green team” and participate in local initiatives to clean up our coulees, hike and appreciate the mountains, etc.