Do you want to know how to talk to your parents about climate change, what to say to your boyfriend who always leaves the lights on, or how guilty you should feel about using a disposable coffee cup?

At Environment Lethbridge, our goal is to help you find useful, reliable information that you can use to improve environmental sustainability at home, at work or at school. To that end, we’re launching “Dear Mabel” an advice column for your environmental problems and dilemmas.

Dear Mabel is named in honour of Mabel Williams. Mabel Williams was an early Parks Canada employee and adventurer who wrote many of the early guidebooks to Canada’s National Parks, including Waterton. More information about Mabel can be found here. From time to time, Mabel will be assisted by local experts who will answer questions on specific topics.

Questions and answers will be posted to Environment Lethbridge’s Facebook page and will be posted on our website

So, if you need sustainable advice, leave a comment or send an email to