Celebrate World Water Day!

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March 22nd is World Water Day. Designated by the United Nations in 1992, World Water Day is an opportunity to learn about and be inspired about water and water issues.  

This year’s theme is Water and Jobs. A short video trailer about this theme can be found on the United Nations website.  

To do our part, the Oldman Watershed Council and Environment Lethbridge are co-hosting a World Water Day Film Festival at 7pm in their space at 319-6 St. S. in Lethbridge.

The World Water Day Film Festival will feature four short films about water, including:


Stockholm International Water Institute ? 20 minutes

“’Water is a precondition for human existence’, says UN Deputy Secretary-General, Jan Eliasson. Water is health, water is energy, water is food, water is climate, and water is equality. This year, we celebrate the 25th Jubilee of Stockholm Water Prize. Hear former recipients of the Prize Rita Colwell, Sunita Narain and Tony Allan discuss water’s centrality for sustainable development. Watch, share and help us spread the message through hashtag #WaterIs! This movie is produced by Sanjeev Chatterjee and is based on his 2008 movie One Water.”


The Water Brothers ? 25 minutes

“Canadians are big water users and are also advanced in water treatment and distribution technologies. Yet, in one of the most water rich countries in the world, approximately one out of every five First Nations communities in Canada lacks access to clean, safe and sustainable drinking water. Why do some First Nations communities have these problems and others do not and are thriving? How can there be economic independence and advancement for these communities without this basic human right? The Brothers travel to First Nations communities in search of the answers.”


Rick Searle ? 15 minutes

“This 15 min. documentary examines the problems caused by wetland drainage on the Canadian prairies and possible solutions to the issue.”


Oldman Watershed Council ? 7 minutes

The Oldman Watershed Council is producing a film that will become a signature communication piece for southwest Alberta. The core message is “We are all downstream.”

This project will create a space for people to have an experience and draw their own conclusions through presentation of the story. The goal of the film is to communicate clearly where water comes from, where it goes and ultimately what happens in between. This is important in a watershed with great stakeholder diversity.

Join us on March 22 to celebrate World Water Day. Doors open at 6:30 pm, general seating is $10 per person at the door. Light refreshments will be provided.