Energy efficiency is an important next step towards creating a more sustainable future in Lethbridge. Energy efficiency is the practice of using the same services for less energy. Reducing energy consumption is beneficial to the environment and is cost effective for businesses and consumers.


This program will identify the barriers and benefits of taking individual action on climate change by challenging local residents and business to reduce their climate impacts through increased energy efficiency, reduced food waste and improved transportation choices. This program will use in-person surveys to identify the perceived barriers and benefits that are both preventing and supporting action by residents and businesses on climate change.  We will work with local businesses to identify and implement climate change mitigation strategies. This program is funded by the Alberta Community Initiatives Program.


To launch the energy efficiency program, throughout the summer the Environment Lethbridge Program Assistants will be visiting small businesses across Lethbridge and conducting a short survey in order to understand the barriers and benefits to implementing energy efficiency practices. The information that is collected during our surveys will help us to determine the best ways that we can support the implementation of energy efficiency actions by small businesses. The energy efficient program will be a tool that small businesses and consumers can connect with in order to: gain knowledge on energy efficient practices, research retrofits, and learn what rebates exist to save you money.


If you have any questions, or are interested in having your small business surveyed, please contact Environment Lethbridge at (403) 330-6241 or email


Meet the Energy Efficient Program Assistants:

Matthias Fikre-Atnafu:


Matthias Fikre-Atnafu is a 24 year-old Lethbridge native who is currently enrolled in the Renewable Resource Management Program at the Lethbridge College. Matthias spent a year in Edmonton working in the construction industry. After witnessing firsthand the growing demands of our society and the effect on our environment, Matthias became passionate about adopting a greener lifestyle and a more environmentally conscious society. Matthias has found it very rewarding to approach businesses about energy efficiency. It has been a great learning experience for himself and the business community in Lethbridge!

Oh’Na’Gya (Raven) Limpy:


Oh’Na’Gya, which translates to Raven, is originally from Montana on the Fort Belknap and Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservations. Raven is A’aniiih, Nakoda and Cheyenne people. She moved to Lethbridge 3 years ago and is currently attending the University of Lethbridge where she studying Native American Studies with a minor in First Nations Governance. In the future, Raven hopes to help create a sustainable future for First Nations people anyway that she can.

Raven is excited to be a part of the energy efficiency program as she believes that will be very beneficial for small businesses to become increasingly energy efficient as they are inspired to learn more about the energy saving practices and saving money. Raven want to teach people about how becoming more energy efficient can better the world and how small, simple changes can make a lasting impact.