The Green Challenge will encourage individuals, families, schools, organizations and businesses to challenge themselves to reduce their environmental footprint. Registered participants will commit to taking action in six different areas: food, waste, energy, water conservation, transportation and nature over 30 days.

This time around we have changed things up a bit. You can select an introductory or advanced version of the Green Challenge. The introductory challenge is meant to inspire people who are at the beginning stages of reducing their environmental footprint. It will include challenges such washing all laundry in cold water, not idling your car and meal planning. The advanced challenge will help participants to significantly reduce their environmental footprint.  It will include actions such as biking, walking, taking transit or carpooling to school or work, reducing food waste and spending 30 minutes outside every day.

The Green Challenge will run from November 1-30, 2018.


The Green Challenge is funded by a grant from the Community Environment Action Program through Alberta Environment and Parks.