Pollinator Cafés, planters filled with pollinator-friendly plants, were launched in downtown Lethbridge by the Helen Schuler Nature Centre and the City of Lethbridge Parks Department in 2022. In 2023, Environment Lethbridge expanded the program to new locations outside of the downtown core.

These planters provide essential habitats and food sources for pollinators, ensuring their survival urban areas and promoting biodiversity. Designed to attract a diverse range of pollinators, including bees, butterflies, and birds, which in turn enhance pollination and fruit production in nearby gardens and environmentally. 

By supporting pollinators, green infrastructure contributes to the sustainability of ecosystems and the preservation of plant species. Additionally, pollinator cafes can serve as educational and recreational spaces, raising awareness about the importance of pollinators and fostering a deeper connection between people and nature.

A Pollinator Cafe finds a new home in front of Purple Carrot Health Foods and Wellness

Who is involved?

This is a partnership between

Dhillon School of Business student, Abby Kunkel, waters plants prior to planting.

Where are the planters?

The planters in the expansion project are located primarily in the Warehouse District. You can see them in front of BikeLane, Purple Carrot, Sonder, Theoretically Brewing Company, and at the Port. 

The planters were installed by Environment Lethbridge and the Dhillon School of Business, and are being cared for the by local businesses. 

Interested in Getting Involved?

To share your thoughts about the Pollinator Cafe project, please complete this survey before August 31, 2023 or, if you have a business and are interested in joining the waitlist for future pollinator cafes, please email us at info@environmentlethbridge.org.

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