Looking to declutter your home, garage or workplace? Reuse Rendezvous will return on September 9, 10 & 11, 2022! Help keep gently used items out of our landfill by free-cycling them to someone who can use them. To participate:

Register your items for our interactive map: Click here to register your location.

View the map – Map updated Sep 11, 12:00 pm (Final update)

Download a PDF of the addresses Updated Sep 9, 2 pm (Final update)

NEW: Download lists of locations by item category: Automotive, Books, Christmas Items, Clothing, Crafts, Electronics, Furniture, Garden, Household, Kitchen, Pets, Small Appliances, Sports, Tools and Building Materials, Kids and Toys (Please note, these lists will not be updated after 2:30 pm on Friday, September 9.)

View interactive list of addresses To use this tool: To search this list, use the magnifying glass in the upper right corner. To sort the list, click the Sort button on the menu bar and select the field you wish to sort by. Add additional fields to refine your sort further. To find addresses that have items in a certain category, click Filter in the menu bar and click ‘Add Condition’. Change ‘ID Number’ to ‘Items’ and ‘is exactly’ to ‘has any of’. In the third box, select one or more categories of items that you are interested in.

Please only take items that are marked FREE. Any items not marked free are private property and are not part of Reuse Rendezvous.

To participate:

• Set items in front of your house on Friday morning before 5 pm and be sure to mark them as “Free”!

• Be sure to secure all items that are not part of Reuse Rendezvous

• Visit other locations to find new treasures

• Take unclaimed items to the secondhand store

Be sure to stay safe from Covid by maintaining proper distancing protocols and consider using hand sanitizer after each stop.

Reuse Rendezvous will run from 5:00 pm on Friday, September 9 until 4:00 pm on Sunday, September 11. Residents can place any items that are suitable to reuse on their property in front of their house on Friday evening and mark them with a FREE sign or sticker. Over the day, people are invited to cruise the streets and help themselves to any of the goodies, free of charge. The event is over on Sunday evening at 4:00 pm. Anything remaining after 4:00 pm  must be taken back in by the owner; the City will NOT be collecting these items. The event is voluntary and is intended as a unique option to give away unwanted items.