Thank you to everyone that participated in the 2015 Reuse Rendezvous! You have made this a huge success.

The 4th annual Reuse Rendezvous is fast approaching, this September 11th, 12th and 13th, and Environment Lethbridge is proud to be leading the efforts to let all the citizens of our city know about this great event!

Join the discussion on our Facebook event page, or follow the event on twitter, #lethreuse

How does it work?

Residents can place any items that are suitable to reuse on their property in front of their house on Friday evening and mark them with a FREE sign or sticker. Over the weekend, people are invited to cruise the streets and help themselves to any of the goodies, free of charge. The event is over on Sunday evening at 7:00 pm. Anything remaining after 7:00 pm Sunday, September 13th must be taken back in by the owner; the City will NOT be collecting these items. The event is voluntary and is intended as a unique option to give away items.

Examples of giveaway items can include:

  • books, CDs and DVDs
  • furniture, electronics and small appliances
  • sports equipment and toys
  • kitchen gadgets, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans
  • unwanted gifts
  • clothing

Give away etiquette: Respect other people’s property, belongings, and traffic laws. Consider the safety of items left out for reuse and consult the Consumer Product Safety Bureau if unsure. Last year, many community members were using social media tools to communicate about the event. Participants are encouraged to join Environment Lethbridge’s Facebook event page, ‘Reuse Rendezvous’ for use of the public forum and to use the hashtag, #lethreuse to connect via Twitter and other social media applications.

Get rid of usable but unwanted items and find new treasures of your own! No cash, no trash, remember safety and respect. Place items in front of your house on Friday evening with a ‘free’ sign on them. Anyone is welcome to pick up items designated as ‘free’ over the weekend – please be respectful. On Sunday evening, take all uncollected items back into your home. The City will not be collecting unwanted items.


The Reuse Rendezvous Map

Update: Now that the event has ended, the map has been taken down. Thank you to everyone who participated!

We’ve added a Google map that allows you to pin your location so that other visitors to the web site can find your giveaway pile more easily. Use the map to plan out a cruising route, share with friends and add to the discussion on our Facebook event page.


Want to advertise with a lawn sign?

We have lawn signs ready for pickup. They’re available at the Lethbridge Public Library (main branch) and the Helen Schuler Nature Centre. Get yours to let your neighbourhood know you’ll be participating this year!

Have a question or concern about the event?

Check out the our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details, or call 403-329-7367 (City of Lethbridge recycling line).


Want to share this event with others?

We have a printable 11×17 PDF poster. Feel free to print, post and share with others!