The Small Business Energy Efficiency Program is aimed at assisting small businesses in becoming more energy efficient by providing coaching that will assist in reducing energy costs, developing a sustainability plan and improving the business’s environmental footprint.

Energy efficiency is an important next step towards creating a more sustainable future in Lethbridge. Reducing energy consumption is beneficial to the environment and is cost effective for businesses and consumers.

The Small Business Energy Efficiency Program launched on February 1, 2018. We will provide six weeks of sustainability planning focusing on energy efficiency, waste reduction and water conservation.

At Environment Lethbridge, we appreciate the many challenges that businesses can face when trying to become more energy efficient, the largest of which is that many of these activities will include changes to the building that can be cost prohibitive and/or be the responsibility of the landlord. We will be looking to work with each individual business and the limitations they may have.  There are many simple steps that can be taken to make your business more energy efficient that are cost-effective, but will also have a great return on investment.

If you business is interested in taking part of the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program


Throughout the summer of 2017, the Environment Lethbridge visited small businesses across Lethbridge and conducted a short survey in order to understand the barriers and benefits to implementing energy efficiency practices. The information that was collected during our survey is helping us to determine the best ways that we can support the implementation of energy efficiency actions by small businesses.

  • 23% of small businesses surveyed believe that the environmental benefit is the number one reason to adopt energy efficient practices.
  • 63% of small businesses surveyed believe that the cost savings is the number one benefit to adopting energy efficient practices.
  • 78% of small businesses surveyed have already installed or will be installing LED Lights!
  • 97% shut the lights off when they leave work for the day!
  • 60.9% of small businesses surveyed would consider or have replaced their existing appliances with Energy Star appliances
Here are some simple steps to make your small business more energy efficient:


Please take advantage of some of our available resources online, or contact to learn more.

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