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Small Business Energy Efficiency Program

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We offer free one-on-one individualized coaching with small businesses to identify and achieve their energy efficiency, waste reduction, and water conservation goals. We know that small businesses don’t always have time or resources to dedicate to finding ways to save energy or implement sustainable practices. The Small Business Energy Efficiency Program can help!


This FREE program includes:

One-on-one personalized coaching

Our team will meet with you one-on-one to help identify and achieve your energy efficiency, waste reduction, and water reduction goals.

Free Energy Assessment

A Certified Energy Auditor will perform an assessment of your space and make recommendations on ways to reduce energy and water usage as well as determine how much you will save and the time it will take to see a return on investment for any retrofits.

Free Marketing

Be Featured as a community sustainability leader on our website, social media, newsletters, and more!

Sustainable Business Certification

We will apply a local standard for recognizing businesses that implement sustainable practices, with different levels to recognize the various levels of commitment.

The program launches in July 2019 and there are limited spaces available, so contact us as soon as possible to reserve your spot!


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Participating Businesses success stories

In 2018, we worked with 8 small businesses as part of our pilot program.











































Energy efficiency is an important step toward creating a more sustainable future in Lethbridge. Reducing energy consumption is beneficial to the environment and is cost effective for businesses and consumers.

At Environment Lethbridge, we appreciate the many challenges that businesses can face when trying to become more energy efficient, the largest of which is that many of these activities will include changes to the building that can be cost prohibitive and/or be the responsibility of the landlord. We will be looking to work with each individual business and the limitations they may have.  There are many simple steps that can be taken to make your business more energy efficient that are cost-effective, but will also have a great return on investment.

Please take advantage of some of our available resources online, or contact to learn more.

Energy Efficiency Resources

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