The Small Business Energy Efficiency Program provides free one-on-one individualized coaching with small businesses to identify and achieve their energy efficiency, waste reduction, and water conservation goals. We know that small businesses don’t always have time or resources to dedicate to finding ways to save energy or implement sustainable practices. At Environment Lethbridge, we appreciate the many challenges that businesses can face when trying to become more energy efficient, the largest of which is that many of these activities will include changes to the building that can be cost prohibitive and/or be the responsibility of the landlord. We will be looking to work with each individual business and the limitations they may have.  There are many simple steps that can be taken to make your business more energy efficient that are cost-effective, but will also have a great return on investment. To get started, download our Sustainability Guide or visit our self-certification program below. 


Registration for the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program is now closed. However, we invite businesses to participate in our self-certification program. This certification will allow you to assess the actions you are already taking and set future goals. Depending on which actions you’re taking, you may be eligible for a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Superstar level of certification.




48 Lethbridge businesses participated in the program in 2019-20. Each business received a personalized sustainability assessment that allowed them to tailor the goals for their business. Businesses completed a range of actions including upgrading light bulbs to LEDs, sealing leaks, implementing recycling programs and more. The participating businesses were awarded one of five different Sustainable Business Certifications for meeting different standards in the program.




Registration for this program is currently closed. Please email us to be notified of future enrollment opportunities.