Want to take action on climate change? Here are our top three things you can do for climate change in Lethbridge.


Water scarcity is expected to be a critical impact of climate change in southern Alberta. Using a rain barrel can help reduce demand on our water supply and water treatment facility.


Most home and garden stores sell pre-assembled rain barrels, or you can follow these instructions to make your own.





Installing solar panels is a high impact way to reduce your energy footprint. Generating energy from renewable sources reduces demand on the energy grid and greenhouse gas emissions.


Working with a qualified solar installer is the easiest way to get started with solar. Click here for full details on how to get started and on available incentive programs.



Trees provide shading, especially in urban environments, that can reduce the effects of heating. This can save energy and is good for human health.


Choose a native tree species or a fruit tree for extra benefits. Follow this step-by-step guide to get the best results.


Looking for even more ways to take action? Check out these other suggestions:

Conserving energy is a key way to combat climate change. Click here for our list of suggestions.