Per capita waste generation numbers have been dropping since 2010, however, Lethbridge’s generation rates still remain higher than both Alberta and Canada. Waste diversion rates in Lethbridge are also low and are unchanged over the past 3 years.

The recent approval and future implementation of both Industrial, Commercial and Institutional and Residential Waste Reduction Strategies by the City of Lethbridge should result in a decrease in waste generation and an increase in diversion through increased recycling rates.

Additional strategies are needed, however. Organic waste contributes nearly 50% of the waste to the landfill. Implementing strategies to reduce this waste stream will have a significant impact on Lethbridge’s performance in this area.


1. Following the implementation of curbside recycling in 2019, that the City of Lethbridge move towards implementing a curbside organics program to reduce household organic waste.
2. That the City and community organizations continue to provide information on reducing and reusing as well as recycling.