Where O’Where Does Our Glassware Go?

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Dear Mabel, 

I’m collecting my glass jars. Does the recycling depot on the south side by the Enmax have a bin for glass?


Hello Glass Jar Gatherer, 

Great work on making sure those glass jars stay out of your blue bin, and out of your black one too. 

The short answer to your question is yes! All recycling depots in Lethbridge take clean and clear glass at their drop off recycling depots. Make sure your glass is cleaned out of any residue, food, or waste, the label has been stripped, and the lid removed – which (in most cases) can also be recycled in the metal bin or in your residential blue bin. Unfortunately any coloured glass is bound for the trash bin, unless you can find a creative way to give it a new use!

Reusing your glass jars is a great way to altogether reduce your waste! Once you’ve cleaned your jar, look for ways that it can be reused. There are several stores in town that allow you to bring your own jars in to be filled with their products, Bulk Barn for example encourages you to bring your own jars – they’ll tare the weight (so you don’t have to pay for the weight of the jar) and off you go to fill it with nuts, candy, granola, almost anything you want they got! 

Planting a herb garden, using them for storage in your craft or sewing room, garage for nuts and bolts, or on your child’s desk for pencils and crayons, or saving them for a rainy day craft – log on to your pinterest and see what repurposing idea appeals to you!

Thanks Glass Jar Gatherer for your work in diverting unnecessary waste from our landfill! And remember, if you’re stuck about where and what you can recycle we have lots of great resources available; such as our Waste Reduction Map and the City of Lethbridge’s Waste Wizard.



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