Each year we ask our community who deserves to be recognized for the actions they’re taking to improve our community and our environment. We call these people Lethbridge’s Green Superheroes:

Youth Category

Braydee Dahl, Eagle-eye Braydee (2016)

With his amazing eyes and attention to detail Braydee is able to spot a piece of litter from a mile away. Everywhere we go Braydee is spotting and picking up garbage and recycling. He has participated in the coulee clean up, he spent a day cleaning up all the golf balls that fly across the bridge to the coulee. He found over 400 which he recycled for crafts.

Ella Hatt, The Cool-ee (Coulee) Cleaner (2019)

Ella cares about what is happening to our planet and to the animals that live here. In May 2018, for her 7th birthday, she requested to host a coulee cleanup event with her friends or class. This idea bloomed into organizing her entire school to participate in a community clean up event in 2018 and again in 2019. To mobilize her school even more, she is fundraising to raise money for the costs of buses so the whole school can participate in a full-day event! Ella incorporates nature into all her passions, and has been working with her cheer coach to find ways to bring nature into cheer.

Hazel Peel-Hodgson, Habitat Hero Hazel  (2019)

Hazel and her grandfather, Don, spearheaded the development of the Magrath Nature Trail, an initiative designed to reduce pesticides from impact the water and habitat of the endangered Northern Leopard Frog. Hazel researched and presented an indepth report on the issue and suggested alternatives to Magrath Council to protect this important pieces of habitat. Hazel is a leader in local action. She identified a problem, researched a solution and presented to local Town Council.

Josiah Lotecki, The Queen Bee (2017)

Josiah Lotecki is a go-getter! She got it in her head to plant supportive bee habitat and set off to make it happen! This kind of imitative, courage and tenacity is fundamental to being a Green Superhero. Way to go Josiah! Josiah wasn’t afraid to reach out to several organizations to find out how she could help threatened bee populations in our community. You can see the fruits of her labours at the Westminster Community Garden. She planted a pollinator garden and even organized an event for the project. This kind of action-based support from youth like Josiah is so incredibly important and a worthy inspiration for us all! 

Liam G.B, The Ob-Litter-Hater (2017)

He’s fast as lightning, powered by a BIG heart and a super mind! Liam doesn’t walk by litter and ignore it. He either cleans it up or asks for help from an adult to do that. He’s always making sure our park and neighborhood is spic and span. He loves planting food and other plants, always considering what can be eaten, pollinators and artistic design. Liam also understands ecosystems and is really thoughtful of how one thing has an affect on another. On hikes he carefully collects ‘specimens’, examines and ID’s them, and writes each species down. Look out for this one – he’ll do great things for his generation and beyond! On his own accord, driven by his own heart, he’s an advocate for eating more fruit & veggies and less cows and pigs.

Madison Bronk, Magnificent Madi (2019)

Madison was an integral part of leading Lethbridge’s Youth Climate Strike. She is a visionary and knows that the climate crisis needs to be addressed so that her and her generation can have a promising future.

Sydney Whiting, Super Sydney (2019)

Sydney was an instrumental part of organizing one of Lethbridge’s biggest climate strikes. Pulling inspiration from teen activist, Greta Thunberg, she was able to bring together a huge group of like minded individuals from all over the city and rally together to ask our leaders to make policy changes.

Individual Category

Al Fertado (2017)

Has always been very prudent about recycling EVERYTHING before putting into trash can. Recycles everything possible, and makes new compost for garden every year. Does not waste utilities. Al has set an example to friends and neighbours as well as Air Cadets on the importance of recycling for the better of our world by DOING, not just talking!

Anna Deutsch, Anna The Protector (2016)

Recycles everything, makes and uses her own bags in place of plastic, and is making a genuine effort to minimize her carbon footprint

Ashelyn Redman, Captain Enviro-Leader (2016)

I’ve never met a teacher more enthusiastic about connecting her students to the concepts and intricacies of current environmental issues. She is a tireless supporter of conscious consumerism and environmental stewardship and really empowers students to take responsibility for their actions. She turns students into environmental leaders and it is truly inspirational.

Bill Spenceley, Solar Flex (2017)

Bill is a proactive environmental leader in our community. As the owner of Flexahopper Plastics Ltd., he installed the largest commercial solar array (167.64 kW) in the City of Lethbridge this fall. He is also installing a 19.8 kW solar array on his residential home.

Bob Stevenson, Super Bob (2016)

Bob makes an effort to go to every Helen Schuler Nature Centre conservation initiative. He goes above and beyond to do his part and better understand our impacts on the community’s environment. His name stands out as someone that consistently gets involved to make a difference at the Nature Centre and with other community organizations like Amnesty International.

Brian Sexton, Net Zero Hero (2016)

Net Zero Hero – has blazed a green trail by investing, designing and building the ultimate environmentally friendly house! No natural gas! Highly insulated and only uses electricity to heat it and passive solar heating! His home, where his wife and him raise their two boys is the only one in Lethbridge. An example of true green theories put into practice. 

Camille Fairbanks, The Green Inspiration (2017)

Through her own personal commitment, Camille has inspired over 200 others to contemplate the waste they generate, to become aware of the waste produced, and to find ways to reduce their waste with a goal of producing zero-waste. Camille made a new year’s resolution for 2017 to reduce her waste. To soldify her commitment and to “crowdsource” ideas and identify resources supporting reduced or zero waste, she started the Facebook group, “Zero Waste Southern Alberta,” on 2016 December 28 and then spread word of the group. Today, there are over 200 followers of that page and a whole lot of ideas have been shared and resources identified … all thanks to Camille. Camille is a woman with a husband and small children so you can imagine her commitment to make this change in her life and their life and to encourage others to do. I am no slouch when it comes to treading lightly on the planet but Camille has even taught me a few things through this journey she embarked upon and she has really worked at raising the issue of packaging with retailers. Thank you for your inspiration, Camille.

Cheryl Bradley & Lorne Fitch, Dynamic Duo (2019)

Cheryl and Lorne have been involved in a myriad of environmental issues and projects including grassland and riparian protection, waste reduction and water conservation. They have been involved with organizations such as Southern Alberta Group for the Environment, Cows and Fish and Environment Lethbridge. Together they have spearheaded projects such as Wasteless, sustainability initiatives at the Upper Victoria Park Neighbour Day and the Doggy Doo Doo Clean up.

Curtis Goodman, Eco-Champion (2016)

He has an eagle eye when it comes to spotting litter. He participates faithfully in all events that aim to make Lethbridge, and the environment, a better place to enjoy. He is Super Friendly and makes everyone feel so welcome, and very glad they have come. He’s truly a Super Ambassador for our City and the River Valley.

Customers of Residential Recycle (2016)

The customers of Residential Recycling are Green Superheroes because they recycle when many others don’t! They take the time to collect and put out their recycling for collection every week. If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t do it!

Elizabeth Porter, The Doodler  (2016)

Beth’s ability to match fascinating facts about Lethbridge’s river valley with her ability to draw via the Nature Centre’s weekly #FactFriday program allows many people to connect with nature while better appreciating the marvels of nature. Many people inadvertently learn about nature while enjoying her illustrations which helps them to better appreciate the world around them.

Erin McIlwraith, The Connector (2017)

Erin has the power and savvy to bring beekeepers and rogue honey bee swarms together for the health and safety of both man and bug. Erin is the network hub of the Lethbridge Swarm Response Line. She has been on-call for the public to contact her and let her know when honey bee swarms are spotted, and then she connects with one of the skilled beekeepers in the network who is able to come and quickly re-home the swarm. In the 2017 season, at least 15 honey bee swarms found good homes because of Erin!

Gilles Leclair (2016)

As the head of Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association, Gilles lives and breathes sustainability. He and his team of volunteers organize Applefest every year to promote sustainable living in our City. He loves what he does and he’s always smiling!

Green Challenge Participants, the Green Team (2018)

The Green Challenge participants took on a month of tough challenges to become more energy efficient and reduce their environmental footprint.

Hilary Squires, Super-Human Hilary (2019)

Hilary has worked hard to help her workplace, the Galt Museum be more sustainable on top of that she volunteers with Southminster United Church and works towards making it more sustainable as well. She’s an active member of the Southern Alberta Zero Waste group and works hard to ensure things are being re-purposed and not going to waste.

Janell, Wildlife Whisperer (2018)

She is always in “nature”. Learning about the environment around her, helping injured animals and learning about their habitat. Learning about the environment around her, helping injured animals and learning about their habitat.

Janine Primrose, Dew Weaver (2016)

Janine has a huge organic garden and she plants with her children and maintains using natural fertilizers and rain barrel water. She recycles like crazy. Supports bees with houses and food. Shares her passion with whoever will listen and teaches countless children the importance of growing your own food and being in touch with nature.

Jenna Hafso, Green Inspiration (2018)

On a daily basis they do everything they can to reduce their impact on the environment and help other people in the community to do the same. She does everything, the usual stuff and more. She doesn’t just use reusable bags at the checkout counter, she made her own vegetable bags to replace the plastic ones out of repurposed curtains. After seeing the amount people were throwing in the trash outside of her apartment she made signs volunteering to donate their items simply so they would get another life and cut down on the amount of resources the community is requiring. She picks up trash in the park in her spare time. She’s vegan. She stopped driving to lessen her CO2 emissions. She wants to pursue a career to help the environment. I know no one that cares more. If everyone lived the way she did, the world would be much healthier! She works with kids and encourages them to pick up their trash on a daily basis, also arranging a presentation to teach about resource depletion and recycling!

Jennifer Tarnowsky (2017)

Bringing the community together through ensuring sustainable local food is available! Jennifer has spent several years as the coordinator and President of the Campus Roots Community Garden. She also volunteers with Applefest, the fruit rescue program, Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association and the Community Garden Network. She is committed to food security in Lethbridge.

Joanna Fraser, Green Thumb (2018)

Joanna lends her time and talent and energy to making a better world for wildlife! Joanna has volunteered many hours to support organizations she believes in, and she has a passion for wildlife habitat conservation and development. Notably, she has supported the Helen Schuler Nature Centre as well as the Lethbridge Bee Enthusiasts. Through her business, Jo Jo’s Garden Design and Consulting, she always likes to recommend pollinator-friendly plants to her clients whenever possible.

Kalie Veres, The Stewardship Educator (2019)

Kalie and her family do an annual clean-up in December to help keep their favourite parks in pristine condition. Kalie is an early-childhood educator who also involves her ECS students in Coulee Clean-Up by taking them out for multiple clean-ups where they learn about their local natural environment. Her continued involvement and enthusiasm for river valley conservation projects is notable! She is committed to providing as much outdoor time for her family and students while also providing opportunities to develop a strong stewardship ethic for the next generation.

Karen Sparkes, EarthLite (2017)

Karen goes to great lengths to compost everything from food wastes to plastic. She goes out of her way to buy foods wrapped environmentally friendly and will boycott brands that contain excess plastic. Karen also works hard to conserve water – she waters outside plants in early morning and only when needed – when she needs hot water, she ALWAYS runs the tap water into watering cans, the coffee pot, tea kettles, pet’s drinking bowls etc. so as not to waste water unnecessarily. And it does not just stop at home. Karen is very vocal to family, friends and colleagues about the importance of recycling and not wasting. She is a great advocate for GREEN and in my opinion is certainly a Green Superpower! Karen will always go out of her way to ensure she is recycling, not wasting our precious natural resources, and to educate those around her in the process. She composts, saves water, flushes minimally, advocates for the environment and openly boycotts products that are not green or environmentally friendly. Karen works in the schools and also passes along the message and importance of recycling and not wasting precious resources to the kids she comes in contact with. She honors and cherishes the earth and its importance to keeping all of the earth’s people with plenty of food and clean water for generations to come.

Kennedy Carpenter, Super Recycler (2018)

Kennedy is a Grade 4 teacher who works in Nobleford. Prior to last year the school did not have a recycling program as there was no recycling removal system for the school. Kennedy, being only a first-year teacher, decided to set up a recycling program. Every week her grade 4 students would collect recycling from around the school and separate it into categories. On Fridays she would take the recycling collected from the entire school (which is A LOT!) and drive it herself to the recycling depot. This is a big job. We are very grateful that she has helped our school to become more green!

Kim Overes, Super Naturista (2018)

She’s an incredible business owner/boss who strives to bring reusable products in store and educates herself, staff and customers about reducing waste. She is dedicated to serving the community of Lethbridge with reusable products and supporting those of us who are also dedicated to green living.

Knud Peterson, Green Superman (2019)

Knud Petersen seems to be everywhere in Lethbridge advancing the idea of being green through his values and actions. Knud’s green superpower has been felt in farmers’ fields, local sports events, University and College boardrooms, meetings of environmental organizations, and rallies for action on human justice and climate change. Through his volunteer acts Knud leads and inspires others to participate in community, to be kind, and to be green.

Kristina Larkin, Community Greenifier (2017)

Kristina is always putting back into the community ten fold! She made the big push to get the community garden approved by the city of Lethbridge. She gave more of her time over the extremely hot summer this year to ensure the garden was cared for and watered. Kristina is actively involved in all aspects of the community. She volunteers with the Lethbridge Community Garden Network, Coordinator at the Westminster Community Garden and personally she has committed to living a sustainable lifestyle at her home. Through her work at the Westminster Community Garden, she has revitalized the garden and worked diligently to create a welcoming space for all members of her community. Kristina is amazing at making our community brighter for everyone in so many ways. This past year Kristina has put in countless hours at the Westminster Community Garden. Kristina has worked to see this garden grow over the last two years to create a space that supports all the green thumbs in the community.  Kristina is amazing human being that gives and gives and gives to see others succeed. She is one of those people that can make 24 hours in a day seem like 50 with all the things she can accomplish and somewhere in there she sleeps!? Kristina wants to see a thriving community that focuses on local community and sustainability while holding onto strong values of respect. Respect for all people and respect for our environment. Kristina has a beautiful vision for our city of Lethbridge and she fights to see it actively. She is THE green superhero!

Leona Jacobs, Green Librarian (2016)

Leona was one of the founding members and biggest supporters of the Campus Community Garden at the U of L. She is consistently promoting and supporting local businesses, and is everything an environmental activist should be. There is no double standard here; Leona practices what she preaches. She even passes out all of her extra tomato seedlings, ensuring each one gets a good home.

Linda Comstock, Green Teach (2016)

Totally green about everything! Elementary School Teacher who not only talks the recycle talk but walks the recycle walk including teaching her students to be green as well.

Linda Wever, The Green Queen (2016)

She inspires her kids to help with picking bags of litter from Lethbridge green spaces. She and her whole family spend days picking litter up out of our Lethbridge green spaces.

Marshall Gardner, Super Passive Home Dude (2019)

He wants to decrease energy usage by using passive house concepts. He teaches passive house online. He’s just a really great guy who is super smart and wants to help people and the planet.

Matthias Fikre, Mighty Matt (2017)

Super passionate about the environment as well as educating people on it! I’ve literally been yelled at for not recycling properly. Matthias initiated recycling in a restaurant he worked in (volunteering his own time), chose to become a vegetarian because of concern for the environmental impact of raising meat, is currently pursuing a career in environmental studies, and creatively integrated a skateboard challenge (Thrash &Trash”) that involved cleaning up litter during environment week.  He’s super passionate about it and wants to do good things for our world! He’s a super awesome guy that loves the environment and does great work to make our world better and brighter!

Penny Balfour, Plastic Pollution Preventing Penny (2019)

When Penny built a new home, a recycling station was on her mind. Her son, Trayvis, says she custom built a recycling station so that every single thing could be recycled and hardly anything is wasted; she only produces 1-2 minimal bags of garbage a month.

Raymond Burgess, Recycle Man Extraordinaire (2016)

Ray is very conscientious about his ‘footprint’ and ensures that our home is a model of recycling. He reads National Geographic diligently and shares the ideas he has with our friends and family members so that they too can learn about how to be more environmentally friendly. He goes about this work quietly so others may not know about his dedication to this but, in our home, he is a superhero of thoughtful consideration for the planet and our future.

Rene Plaizier, Solara (2018)

Rene is a co-worker of mine and I so admire how she reduces, reuses and recycles in all areas of her life. Rene’s packed lunches are always in reusable containers, she doesn’t use any ‘one time’ use products, she recycles everything, she supports others to recycle, she is a cheerleader for recycling at work – Ability Resource Centre, she grows a garden, she is always striving to reduce her carbon footprint. Rene volunteers at a variety of places and encourages reducing and recycling throughout the community. Rene really cares about being kind to the environment and she is a great role model of all of us.

Rudy Reger, Net Zero Man (2018)

Rudy has a belief in the power of energy efficiency to make the Earth a better place, that inspires him to take action. He is an early adopter of energy efficiency solutions even when they are still difficult and expensive. He has created a business to make solutions available to everyone and to lead the way to easier and cheaper green technology for all. In his personal life he is leading by example. He is building the Casa Verde net zero home project, which incorporates solar, geothermal, passive solar design and impressive insulation. He offers people tours of his home construction project. This cutting edge home will have no water or gas connections and is an inspiring example of sustainable home construction for us all. His dedication to a sustainable lifestyle includes electric vehicles as well. If you need a sustainable element for your home, Rudy is a knowledgeable source for information and resources. His company, Energy Smart, can install anything from a heat-exchanging water tank, that uses the air in your home to make hot water, to a complete geothermal or solar system.

Sampath Walgama, Sam the Man (2017)

He has a great passion for gardening (with his background in Agriculture) and as he became a resident of Lethbridge 7 years ago, he did gardening, making a barren patch of land (backyard) into a green space. He enjoys being with the environment and nature, more than anything else. He prepares compost from garden litter and most of the household waste to feed his stunning vegetable and flower garden. He does not use any chemical to feed the plants and also protect plants from bugs. He has a lot of concerns to the environment as well as to the safety of the food he produces in the garden. So he uses organic materials to feed plants (compost, cow manure etc etc) and some plant extracts having insecticidal properties to control bugs. Despite the fact that he grows vegetables (backyard) and flowers (front) separately, his vegetable garden (backyard) always has flowers like sunflowers, milkweeds in order to give bees and other pollinators a habitat. My green hero is an Agricultural Science Instructor at Lethbridge College. He wants to make Lethbridge more greener than what it is today and contribute in whatever way he can to achieve that.

Sarah Hargreaves (2016)

Sarah is a vegan, who recycles everything. She does her best to buy less, buying in bulk and secondhand whenever possible.

Scott Paul (2016)

Scott and his wife have a very diverse and multifunctional garden. They have raised garden beds in their backyard, as well as finding other unique spots and using their space creatively and resourcefully to grow vegetables and flowers. They collect rainwater in a large water container to water their gardens. They compost as much as possible, and use this in their vegetable gardens. For fun, they also have what they call their ‘gorilla garden’, which is in the back alley along their fence line. Here they grow flowers and vegetables in a rustic fashion for added greenery, food, and for people to help themselves. They grow a variety of flowers in their front and back yard which adds colour, and comfort to their home and neighbourhood. In addition to adding beauty to their space, the plants and flowers promote the survival of, and give a food source to bees and butterflies. Scott also likes to share his crop with others.

Sharon Prenevost, The Sustainable Sewer (2019)

Sharon coordinated a group of local sewers to make and distribute beautiful cloth bags at local businesses. Not only has the group made hundreds of reusable bags, they partnered with local businesses such as Naturistas and London Drugs to distribute bags and raise awareness of single use plastics.

Tom Cain, Super Organizer (2016)

Bringing people together to talk and plan around the environment. Prominent in establishing two environmental groups in Lethbridge. His passion for the environment is not a “new found reality.” He has a vision that takes people beyond the individual acting to the collective and is able to help coordinate individual acts into a collective. A rare skill indeed.

Tom Moffat (2017)

Tom is one of the first homeowners in Lethbridge to invest in a solar photovoltaic system thereby reducing his dependence on non-renewable energy sources and setting an example for others to follow. Tom contracted a local company, Solar Optix, to install a photovoltaic system on the roof of his house and garage in an inner city neighbourhood. The energy generated is expected to equal or exceed his annual electricity use. A financial rebate through the provincial Residential and Commercial Solar program helped to make the project more affordable.

Vince and Toni Clarehout (2017)

The Clarehouts are leaders in the downtown business community, demonstrating that making your business more environmental in Lethbridge is possible! The Clarehouts installed solar panels on the 3 bays of a downtown building they own and combined the 3 electrical systems into one – increasing energy efficiency and enabling long-term cost savings.

Organization Category

3R Eco Bags, Sustainable Sewers (2019)

This project supported by Greenscene Environmental, Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW), Sons of NOrway, Women of the United & Lutheran Church, McKillop Unite Church – Justice, Peace & Social Action Group (JP&SA), and Friends have come together to support the intiatives to create reusable bags and items free of charge to the public.

Alberta Bike Swap, Pedal Power Peddlers (2018)

Sell bikes faster than a speeding peloton. Alberta Bike Swap travels around the province each spring to run one-day bike swaps, including one in Lethbridge. With throngs of buyers converging on one location, a used bike has an excellent chance of continuing an active, useful life instead of being exiled to the city dump. People who may not have the means to buy a new bike may find a perfectly good used bike at an affordable price and embark on a greener bicycle-supported lifestyle. When bikes don’t sell and, sadly, are not wanted by their previous owners, our superheroes seek out local organizations who will find homes for them. Less waste, more people on bikes – how green is that? Alberta Bike Swap shares the proceeds from their bike swaps with the communities where they are held, providing funding and resources, like this year’s CAN-BIKE course, to promote safe cycling.

Bikebridge, The Super-Cyclists (2017)

Bikebridge is the leading voice for the promotion of cycling in Lethbridge. They have stepped up this year to become strong advocates for the benefits of cycling and cyclists in Lethbridge. Bikebridge have been strong advocates for Lethbridge’s Cycling Master Plan and the improvement of cycling routes and safety in Lethbridge. They offer great services through their bike valet program, which provides secure bike parking at many Lethbridge events. They have been actively promoting bike safety through the BikeMaps app and they have a new column in the Lethbridge Herald.

Clean Sweep Program, The Amazing Clean-up Force (2018)

Our superhero volunteers make the downtown clean and safe for the rest of our community. They clean streets and sidewalks during the spring and summer, collect leaves in the fall and remove snow from public realm areas in the winter. They divert hundreds of bags of leaves to the City composting site each year. Their goal is to leave no leaf behind. Our superhero’s care passionately about our downtown core and take great pride in the work that they do.

Ecole La Verendrye, Food Forest Fanatics (2017)

Ecole la Verendrye is leading the way in creating green school yards brimming with biodiversity and outdoor learning opportunities! This school has their eye on the prize! Ecole la Verendrye has done an outstanding job in educating students about food security, biodiversity and natural leadership by establishing a Food Forest in their schoolyard. This school and its teachers have done an outstanding job exploring the potential of their school yard space and the opportunities it provides for outdoor education and community collaboration. The ELV Food Forest is the first of its kind in the city and hopefully will become a shining example of hour schools can become more than just buildings and how education can be a hands on experience! So kudos to ELV and Monique Gouttin for being Natural Leaders! We cannot forget the hard work and assistance of the Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association and their involvement in this project as well, so thank you LSLA!

Geomatic Attic, The Green Virtuosos (2017)

The Geomatic Attic goes the extra mile to include sustainability in its concerts and venue. This year, the Geomatic Attic hosted the first Wide Skies Music and Arts Festival in downtown Lethbridge. In an effort to encourage positive environmental actions, sustainable transportation, reusable water bottles and recycling on site were encouraged. The Geomatic Attic partnered with Bikebridge to offer valet bike parking for concert-goers, and attendees who walked, biked or took transit were rewarded with prizes. In addition, the Geomatic Attic (and its business partner, Mike Spencer Geometrics Ltd.) recently installed solar panels on the roof of their facility.

Helen Schuler Nature Centre (2017)

Continually looking for ways to recycle, reduce and reuse all manner of items. Building has solar energy, and recycles display materials and all manner of items! Has a rooftop garden to reduce energy costs as well. Sets the example to community on saving our environment with prudent use of utilities and materials.

Kainai Ecosystem Protection Agency, KEPA-n It Real (2017)

Rooted in Traditional Knowledge, Blackfoot Science and contemporary activism, the Kainai Ecological Protection Association is an outstanding hero in Southern Alberta. KEPA brings people together to work towards shared understanding and environmental sustainability. Their vision is for Kainai to value and live in a clean, healthy and protected environment that supports a sustainable society and balances our economy and traditional connection to the air, water, land and animals. This amazing organization recently hosted its 4th annual KEPA Workshop, focusing this year on Blackfoot Science. This workshop is a unique expression of leadership through ecological consciousness and environmental stewardship and includes specific focus on monitoring, resource management and conservation awareness, while promoting protection, sustainable development and partnerships.

Lethbridge Bee Enthusiasts, Buzz! (2016)

The Lethbridge Bee Enthusiasts promote all things bees and take the sting out of knowing about our local pollinators. Since they started earlier this year, the Bee Enthusiasts have been teaching everyone about the importance of bees and pollinators. They have set up a Swarm Call List to mobilize beekeepers to respond to bee swarms, helping keep bees and the public safe! They also promote pollinator-friendly gardening and plants.

Lethbridge City Council (2017)

Lethbridge City Council took significant strides forward on waste reduction in the past year. Over the past few years, City Council approved strategies for both residential and commercial waste reduction, including the implementation of curbside recycling in Lethbridge.

The LIFE Team from the Ability Resource Centre  (2016)

This Team participates in all community clean up events and pcik up litter everywhere they go in the community. The LIFE Team has registered for the Lethbridge Community Clean up and will complete all 7 activities by the end of August.

Natural Leaders Program at Helen Schuler Nature Centre, League of Environmental Champions (2016)

The Natural Leaders Program gives school kids in Lethbridge the opportunity to learn about the environment in a fun and engaging way! Because the Natural Leaders Program runs for a full school year, the kids who are involved in the program are able to learn about a range of topics from water to ecosystems to recycling to renewable energy. The length and breadth of the program means that kids are able to build on their knowledge and apply it to developing their skills and understanding of environmental issues.

Red Cross – Lethbridge Office, The Red Angel Recycler (2016)

Revolutionizing the waste disposal landscape of pancake breakfasts, forever. This year, the Red Cross asked people to bring their own plates to their annual Whoop Up Days pancake breakfast, and some people did! For those who forgot, the Red Cross provided paper, plastic and container recycling bins so that everyone could sort their disposables out. It was so great to see, so rare for a pancake breakfast! 

Southern Alberta Ethnic Association, SAEA the Change (2018)

The Southern Alberta Ethnic Association is taking part in the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program.  Since signing up for the program, they have created a recycling program in their office for paper, cardboard, plastics, glass and returnables. They have also begun making energy efficient upgrades to their organization including installing smart power bars.

Upper Victoria Park Neighbourhood Assocation, Upper Vic Park PAC (2019)

After a hard and busy day of garage sales and festivals the organization puts on a community potluck. Here they’ve vowed to reduce their waste by making recycling and compost available as well as not using any single-use plastics.

Business Category

Bavaru Events and Catering, Bravo Bavaru (2018)

Bavaru is owned and operated by a local newcomer, who makes big efforts in hiring other immigrants to help them support their families in Lethbridge and abroad, while promoting international and multicultural events and cuisine. Bavaru also loves to support local initiatives such as Soup Sisters and Jerran 55, provide unique experiences with great professionalism. The food industry is full of waste! While being a small business, Bavaru goes the extra mile by proving biodegradable utensils, and cups, and donates leftovers to limit food waste.

Brio Salon & Spa, Brio Babes (2019)

They are doing their part to use sustainable product, using companies to properly dispose of chemical waste, and a group of employees get together and call themselves the “green team” and participate in local initiatives to clean up our coulees, hike and appreciate the mountains, etc.

Efutures Renewables, The Event Resource Rescuers (2017)

Protecting your everyday weak and meager items from a life of waste and uselessness. Efutures have been at the forefront of event recycling throughout the Lethbridge community. Both big and small, Efutures has provided a solution to reduce event waste and rescue materials that would otherwise be destined for the landfill. Their commitment to promoting sustainable alternatives allows valuable resources to be used to their full potential.

Joe Molina & Rentbridge, Captain Reduction (2019)

Rentbridge is looking at reducing waste by creating an online network where people can rent items from each other rather than buying new for everything, significantly reducing our waste and consumerism. Joe has spearheaded the development of Rentbridge, has been passionate about it was a way to live more sustainably, and has been working hard at it for nearly 2 years with no pay. In his daily life he further exemplifies this with buying local, not using single use plastics, using tote bags, reusable mugs at coffee shops, and more. He lives and breathes reducing waste.

Kapow Comics, Super-Enviro-Kapow (2018)

Kapow is one of the businesses that signed up for the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program. Since then they have upgraded their lighting to LEDs, installed smart power bars and set up an in depth recycling program for their business and patrons.

Kevin Brees & Park Place Shopping Center, Mall Eco-Mavens (2019)

There is so much to know and be proud of when it comes to your cities mall! And there is so many ideas that are just waiting to be completed too. Mandating that exterior lights are only used for business hours, having a voluntary recycling program from their tenants, having a near zero contamination recycling center, reusing materials for renovations – the brick in the food court was re-purposed! They are truly passionate about what their social impact is. Their rooftop gardens grow vegetables and is then donated to local food banks, items left behind in renovations are found new homes – recently when Sears Optomotrists left they gifted the technology that was left behind to a less fortunate country. They’re doing their best to help the community, the environment, and when they can, the world!

Lane Archery, Green Arrow (2018)

Lane Archery is one of the businesses who has signed up for our Small Business Energy Efficiency Program and is currently making energy efficient upgrades to their business.

Mike Spencer Geometrics/Geomattic Attic, the Solarator (2018)

Geomattic Attic is one of the businesses who has signed up for our Small Business Energy Efficiency Program and is currently making energy efficient upgrades to their business.

Mocha Cabana, Defeater of Plastic (2018)

Mocha Cabana is one of the business’ that signed up to be apart of the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program with Environment Lethbridge. During the program they have committed to making their business more energy efficient. Over the summer they worked on reducing/removing single-use plastics from their current and future operations. Over the summer they worked on reducing/removing single-use plastics from their current and future operations.

North Lethbridge Save-on-Foods (2017)

Beginning in 2017 Save on Foods in North Lethbridge encourages customers to switch to reusable cloth bags by charging for each plastic bag used, offering reusable cloth bags for purchase at a reasonable cost, and providing customers who complain about paying for a grocery bag with a free reusable cloth bag. This measure contributes to a change towards a greener lifestyle for hundreds of Lethbridge residents and reduces the amount of plastic bags in Lethbridge waste thereby helping our city to reach its residential waste reduction goal. Plastic bags are manufactured using non-renewable resources and are one of the most difficult materials to recycle. Save on Foods also sells food and products that are produced locally.  

Neu-Lite Electric, The Green Spark (2019)

Neu-Lite is a very community based company always on the lookout for ways to combat energy injustice. They just recently had installed 30kW of rooftop solar on their office.

Pratt and Whitney Canada, The Coulee Protectors (2017)

Pratt & Whitney Canada has supported 10 years of Coulee Clean-Up – helping the Nature Centre to engage thousands of volunteers in the removal of thousands of bags of trash making Lethbridge’s river valley a better place to visit! Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC) has sent teams into the Coulees for 10 years, exploring areas throughout Lethbridge to help remove garbage. Their participation and encouragement has allowed the Nature Centre to grow and expand their conservation programs to cover more areas and engage more volunteers through programs like Coulee Clean-Up, Shoreline Clean-Up, and Invasive Weed Pulls. PWC fosters a strong environmental ethic throughout their operation – with a focus on minimizing waste, reducing water usage, and exploring installation of solar panels at their Lethbridge site. In 2017 there were 84 PWC staff that collected 39 bags of trash from multiple areas in the river valley!

Purple Carrot Health Food and Wellness, Planet Protectors (2018)

The Purple Carrot is a business that is part of the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program. Since signing up for the program they have taken many steps to become more energy efficient. They have installed smart power bars and upgraded their lighting. Purple Carrot has made many energy efficient upgrades to their business. They are also committed to making Lethbridge less wasteful. They sell a variety of bulk items that people can refill with their own jars and they sell many different products that can be reused to reduce waste. A locally-focused shop that specialize in less/zero waste products that are environmentally friendly. They carry a variety of locally made items that help individuals reduce their waste and their staff are amazing!

Rossco’s Tree Service (2017)

Adam and his crew care so deeply for the beautiful trees in our community and surrounding areas. Adam is an environmental activist with a love for all things trees.

Theoretically Brewing Company, The Green Zymurgist (2017)

Recycling and upcycling! The brewery donates all spent biomass to local farmers for animal feed, as well as a biodigester to generate electricity. Older equipment is upgraded and refurbished to work within the brewery. They make a lot of their stuff by hand and use man power over automation. The team has worked to decrease water consumption by 40% and enegry consumption by 20%. They aim to educate buyers on the importance of shopping local, and decrease their carbon footprint. They also buy locally farmed ingredients to keep the carbon footprint of their product as small as possible. They are working on getting funding to become the first solar-powered brewery in Alberta!

Runner’s Soul, Captain Kilowatt (2018)

Runner’s Soul is a business that is part of the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program. Since signing up for the program, they have made many energy efficient upgrades to their store, including replacing their light bulbs with LED light bulbs.

Sherlock & Watson, The Green Team (2019)

Every large event Sherlock & Watson work at has resulted in minimal garbage and maximum recycling. They are very extremely conscientious and are quick to explain to everyone how and why to recycle – in a friendly and upbeat way.

Theoretically Brewing Company, Green Erlenmeyer (2018)

Theoretically Brewing Company was one of the first businesses to sign up for the Small Energy Efficiency Program. Since that time, they have sealed their bay doors to prevent energy loss, changed the lighting in their tasting room to more energy efficient lighting, installed and programmed a thermostat for more energy savings, established an energy efficiency policy and expanded their business’s recycling program.

Umami, UMazing Umami (2018)

Umami strives to be better and do better, despite obstacles they may face running a restaurant AND grocery store. Patricia and Sven have implemented several composting and recycling operations into their business, Umami, which help to decrease their impact on the environment. They also serve up a mean Miso Ramen!

Wooden Peaks, Cedarna! (2017)

This business specializes in the restoration of cedar roofing. Wooden Peaks repairs only what needs to be repaired on a roof, while restoring the remaining area and preserving the complete roof with protective oil. Rather than replacing a complete roof – sending it all to the landfill – restoration allows a home owner to extend the life of the roof. Extending the life of a product means less demand on resources (cedar) and less waste to the landfill. They were very nice to work with – all superheroes should be likeable.