The businesses and not-for-profits that are participating in our Small Business Energy Efficiency Program are making great strides to improve their energy saving, water conservation and waste reduction practices. Here are some of their successes:


Alpenland is committed to being a sustainable business for the betterment of the environment and their business. A high efficiency furnace keeps them warm as the temperatures outside drop. and their windows and doors are properly sealed to keep the heat, and the hot wax smell, in. The staff demonstrate excellent “turn-off” behaviour with lights and electronics and save energy by using exterior lights on motion sensors. As well as saving energy, Alpenland also minimizes their already low water use and waste output by outsourcing their laundry, providing a cooler for staff and clients, and adhering to their recycling program of cardboard, plastic, paper and returnables. Alpenland is as committed to sustainability as they are to powder skiing, so of course they agreed to participate in the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program with Environment Lethbridge! Keep an eye out for updates on their action plan items and accumulation of points for their certification.



Crossroads Healing Centre has focused on being more efficient by re-sealing their windows, which have light blocking shades, having their exterior lights on a timer, and following excellent turn-off behaviour. On top of all that they have a recycling program for cardboard and paper. Crossroads has a very low waste output with only one bag of garbage weekly and uses PEFC certified sustainably harvested forest paper towel. The healing centre also provides a water cooler for staff and clients and buys all their supplies locally. Crossroads has teamed up with Environment Lethbridge to participate in our Small Business Energy Efficiency Program to help them become even more efficient.













Geomatic Attic is a heavy hitter when it comes to sustainability. From installing solar panels and energy efficient appliances to sealing up their bay doors and windows to keep the drafts down, this business is really going above and beyond to save energy. In addition to energy saving, they have very little waste output due to their extensive recycling program which includes cardboard, glass, paper, tin, plastic and returnables. Geomatic also takes all their organics home for composting! Environment Lethbridge is working with Geomatic Attic to take them the extra mile towards being a more sustainable business through our Small Business Energy Efficiency Program. We will be helping them achieve the rest of their sustainability goals and gain points towards their Sustainable Business Certification.


The Gym in the North has really put in some extra effort to be an efficient business. Their recently renovated building houses energy efficient appliances, motion sensor lighting, and a programmable thermostat. Virtually all of their water fixtures are low flow or on timers and they provide water refill stations for their members and staff. The Gym in the North also has an amazing recycling program. Staff separates all recyclable materials, use recycled paper for posters, and use eco-friendly cleaners in their gym. In fact, The Gym in the North recycled all 100 000 lbs. of their equipment packaging when they were moving into the building! The Gym in the North wanted to get a personal record in sustainability so they’ve teamed up with Environment Lethbridge for some energy efficiency coaching. The Gym in the North is making earning points towards their Sustainable Business Certification look easy!


Jaded Body Arts is well on their way to becoming masters of the art of energy efficiency. They practice great turn-off behaviour, preventative maintenance, and the mindful use of supplies. Their building has a new roof and light blocking shades on the windows to keep the sun’s heat out and help regulate temperature. When the artists are not using their tattoo guns, they shut down and use no power, saving energy. The staff at Jaded reduce their waste by recycling cardboard, paper, and returnables. Environment Lethbridge is helping Jaded Body Arts to take their relationship with sustainability to the next level through our Small Business Energy Efficiency Program. We will work together to help Jaded gain points towards their Sustainable Business Certification.








Kapow Ltd. Comics, Cards and Games is committed to being sustainable through behaviour and action! The staff has great “turn-off” behaviour and temperature control habits, as well as a new roof and energy efficient coolers. Kapow has an extensive recycling program and they reuse any packing and materials they can. Kapow donates the money from their recycled returnables to youth hockey teams making them real sustainability superheroes. Environment Lethbridge has teamed up with Kapow to help them become even more sustainable through our Small Business Energy Efficiency Program. Kapow is well on their way to earning points towards their Sustainable Business Certification!







Mocha Cabana has really outdone itself! As an already environmentally conscious business, Mocha Cabana was happy to take part in our program and get some new ideas. 

Mocha Cabana has an impressive amount of energy efficient equipment in their restaurant including a boiler/ water heating tank combo. This cuts down on the energy used to continually heat the water when it is needed. Along with the boiler, there is new electrical, a new cooler, new front windows with light-blocking shades, tinted skylights in the 5 year old roof, a programmable thermostat, as well as LED lights throughout the restaurant and outside. The exterior lights are on a photocell timer so they only come on in the evening – which saves even more energy. If that seems like a lot to have on their plate, Mocha Cabana also performs monthly maintenance on kitchen equipment and water fixtures to ensure efficiency!

Mocha Cabana has a taste for recycling as well! They reuse packaging and recycle bottles, cardboard, and plastics. Have you heard about Mocha Local? It’s Mocha Cabana’s very own meal kit service and online farmer’s market, and everything is sourced from local farmers! Sourcing local cuts down on transportation emissions and costs as well as supports other local businesses to help them reach their full potential. Mocha Cabana focuses on reduced packaging for Mocha Local, and from its suppliers, sourcing compostable packaging materials whenever possible, even if it means ordering individual items from specific companies or paying a bit more. 

One more course of action Mocha Cabana takes to reduce their carbon footprint is green routed delivery to distribute their Mocha Local meal kits and farmers market items, essentially meaning the delivery route is planned in the most efficient way possible to cut back on emissions and minimize any idling of the delivery vehicle. Mocha Local goes the extra mile and allows customers to leave their packaging from the previous week out for the delivery driver to pick up and make sure everything is either reused, recycled or composted.

Naturistas is going above and beyond to reduce waste. They have a blending bar where customers can mix their own scents for various products and refill their own containers. They also sell soap without any packaging. They donate cardboard boxes to Roost 2 Roost for moving, and send any packing peanuts they receive to UPS for reuse. They make notepads from used paper, use old invoices for printing, and any plastic zipper bags they receive get sent to a local farmer for soil testing.



Peak Physical Therapy is really a champion when it comes to energy efficiency with their high efficiency boiler, hot water on demand, and energy star appliances. Peak has their AC annually serviced and has replaced all of their windows with high efficiency to ensure minimal heat loss in the winter. Their recent renovations included two new bathrooms which have low flow toilets and timed faucets to cut back on water waste too! Peak’s staff also follow an extensive recycling and reduction program, using less product and buying in bulk to avoid excess packaging and recycling everything from cardboard and plastic, to paper and returnables. All of that under a new roof! Peak has made the exciting decision to participate in the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program to improve their performance and keep them in top shape sustainability wise. Keep track of all of their hard work towards their Sustainable Business Certification!








Sustainability is in almost everything Cris and Cathy from Purple Carrot Health Foods and Wellness Inc. do! At Purple Carrot you can refill an array of items from shampoo to kombucha to olive oil to dishwasher tablets. They encourage you to reuse items, compost, or recycle – if you can’t recycle at your own home you’re welcome to bring those items to the store.

On the logistical side of the business, they’ve recently installed a reflective film on their front window and replaced lighting fixtures with LED which will help to reduce their health food store’s temperature and energy bill.

Purple Carrot also requests less packaging from their suppliers to reduce their waste production, take staff’s organic waste home to compost, and have their own extensive recycling program!


Round Table Board Gamerie is well on its way to becoming a sustainable business with their extensive recycling program. The staff recycle everything they can including cardboard, tin, paper, plastic, glass, and returnables. The board gamerie sources recyclable to go containers and discourage the use of straws. Their building has multiple LEDs, timers on the exterior lighting, and properly sealed windows and doors. Round Table has agreed to work with Environment Lethbridge to become more efficient and gain points towards their Sustainable Business Certification through our Small Business Energy Efficiency Program!


Runner’s Soul is running the show when it comes to energy efficiency. As well as good staff turn-off and temperature control behaviour, they also have replaced all of their lights with LEDs. As part of their waste reduction program, they request that vendors use less packaging on products and shipping and anything they cannot reduce, they recycle. When hosting events, Runner’s Soul provides a water cooler for their staff and event participants. Environment Lethbridge is working with Runner’s Soul to help them gain points towards their Sustainable Business Certification.


At Sonder Coffee Bar, they have all LED lights, a programmable thermostat, and light blocking shades on the windows. Although great practices, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the coffee bar’s commitment to efficiency and sustainability. Sonder Coffee Bar by Red Engine Coffee makes its own almond milk, among other types, and uses the leftover pulp in their baking. The containers they use are all reused to reduce waste output and they limit the number of garbage receptacles in their restaurant space. To further reduce waste, Sonder offers a Keep-Cup-Exchange program for customers, provides metal straws, and uses spoons instead of stir sticks. The staff recycle anything they can including cardboard, plastic, aluminum cans, and returnables. Their tables are made from reclaimed wood from an airplane hangar and anything they purchase is in bulk and sourced locally. If they cannot reduce, reuse or recycle it, they donate it for compost including their organic waste and coffee grounds. Environment Lethbridge is working with Sonder Coffee Bar to help them find even more ways to become more energy efficient and earn points towards their Sustainable Business Certification through our Small Business Energy Efficiency Program.

The team at The Stoketown Cafe + Cure is really taking their commitment to sustainability above and beyond. The cafe is equipped with many energy efficient products including the furnace, windows, appliances, and the AC which all undergo annual preventative maintenance to keep them running smoothly. The staff has excellent awareness as well, making sure they recycle everything possible and donating their organic waste to a local hobby farmer. Stoketown uses haystraws, compostable take out containers and utensils and even uses their coffee grounds to make body scrubs. Environment Lethbridge is stoked to have The Stoketown Cafe + Cure participate in the Small Business Energy Efficiency program to perk up their sustainability practices. Keep your eyes open to see their progress towards their Sustainable Business Certification!











Theoretically Brewing Co. has demonstrated their commitment to sustainability by switching from fluorescent lighting to LEDs in their tasting area and outdoors, an upgrade which has saved them $200 per month, and paid itself off in less than one month! Now that is something we can say cheers to! Motion sensor timers were also installed in their washrooms and fluorescent lights are being changed to LED tube lights on their brew floor. New energy efficient windows and a high efficiency HVAC unit were installed along with a programmable thermostat. The staff is also focused, as a team, on better “turn-off behaviour.” All of these small changes add up to big savings on energy and money! 

Theoretically Brewing Co. also sends all of their considerable organic waste, around 1000 kg per week, to be composted, cutting back large amounts that would otherwise end up in the landfill. 

If you’ve ever been to an event at Theoretically Brewing Co. you may have noticed that when they don’t have enough glasses for everyone, they use compostable cups, and they have an in-house bottle refill program as well! With all of these upgrades it is safe to say you can feel good about enjoying a cold one at Theoretically Brewing Co.!


VRKade isn’t playing games when it comes to being a sustainable business. The team at the virtually paperless virtual reality arcade demonstrate excellent “turn-off behaviour” of their electronics and lighting when they are not open. VRKade has a recycling program for cardboard, plastics, and returnables and only use paper products that are all forest friendly or recycled. Reclaimed wood was used for all of their benches, shelves, and their front desk and they cut back on water waste by providing a water cooler for staff and gamers! VRKade has teamed up with Environment Lethbridge to level-up their sustainability. Check out their progress as they participate in the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program to complete their action plan and gain points towards their Sustainable Business Certification!


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