Take the Community Green Challenge!

The Community Green Challenge encourages individuals, families, schools, organizations, and businesses to challenge themselves to reduce their environmental footprint. Participants commit to complete actions in six different areas: food, waste, energy, water conservation, transportation and climate change over 30 days.

There are two levels to choose from:

  • The Introductory Challenge will inspire people who are just beginning their journey to reducing their environmental footprint. It includes challenges such as reducing certain single-use plastics, washing all laundry in cold water, not idling your car and meal planning.
  • The Advanced Challenge will help participants to significantly reduce their environmental footprint. It includes actions such as avoiding plastic, biking, walking, taking transit or carpooling to school or work, reducing food waste and using strategies to have constructive conversations about climate change.

We’ll provide you with tips and materials to help you succeed in each area, and you can join a Facebook group that will help people share ideas and stories throughout the challenge.

Dates: Keep an eye out for the challenge in November 2020.

If you have questions please email info@environmentlethbridge.org or call 403 330 6241

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EnvironmentLethbridge/