These tender greens can be used like many herbs such as parsley or basil. Give them
a nibble and see what recipes the flavor inspires. Here are a few to get you started!

Carrot top pesto – crazy right??
Carrot green chimichurri
Carrot top harissa


You can leave these nutritious peels right on the potato when baking or boiling,
but if you prefer the recipe without, then try some of these tasty treats.

Potato peel chips (or crisps as the recipe calls them) – a great pre-dinner snack
Hashbrowns – just use lightly baked potato peels instead
Potato peel soup


Oh please don’t say you’ve been tossing these tasty leaves. I’m sure that you haven’t but
here are a few more recipes to add to your repertoire (a good substitute for spinach too)

Sauteed beet greens – simple. delicious.
Beets and greens risotto
Beet green and feta pasta – it’s unbeetable! I just had to…


First off, how funky is that carrot?? And yes, we’re back to carrots, but we can’t get
enough of them and can’t stand the thought of their deliciousness going to waste!

Carrot peel chips – yes… sorry about the duplicity, no more chip recipes after this. promise!
Pickled carrot peels – delicious on Vietnamese subs!
Carrot cake with candied carrot peels – just click the link, you need to see this cake!


I’m sure that you’ve already got some great recipe ideas for these citrusy delights,
but have you considered…

Candied orange (and lemon) peel
Orange peel cleaner – not everything is about food…but most things are 🙂
Orange peel curry    and a nice old-fashioned to wash it down


Just like the grinch, these have a hard exterior and a crunchy, sweet center…ok
maybe not quite like the grinch, but you’d be surprised by how tasty they are!

Broccoli stem slaw – they’re kind of like cucumbers or cauliflower
Broccoli stem hummus
Broccoli noodles (and rice!)


I hope the photographer took at least two more bites before tossing that core. But even better!
Using it in these brilliant recipes! just make sure to remove the seeds since they can be toxic

Apple cider vinegar – don’t you love it when you can save money on such a staple ingredient?
Apple syrup
Apple core jelly


Eggs are the best! You can eat them in so many different ways, add them to recipes,
and even the shells have health benefits (just make sure to bake or boil them first).

Egg shell powder – use as a calcium supplement or add to your garden
Egg shell seedling starter
Egg shell face masks


Veggie broth –  super easy! plus you can avoid throwing out those cartons
Banana peel bacon – all hail to those of you that bravely actually try this
Watermelon rind curry – I don’t know about you, but I’m always craving a good curry
Banana pulled peel – you know…. instead of pulled pork.
Bone broth – this stuff is actually SO good for you, so save your bones!
Bread pudding – ending on a sweet note, as meals should 🙂