Nominations Open for Executive Committee

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The Executive Committee is seeking nominations from people in Lethbridge interested in advancing sustainable practices in the region. The Executive Committee works on behalf of the Community Partners to oversee the day-to-day governance of Environment Lethbridge. It is responsible for fiduciary care, oversight of operations and community relations. It will work closely with Community Partners on Strategic Planning and Policy governance functions.

The Executive Committee is comprised of as many as nine (9) members, with no more than five (5) nominated from the community as members-at-large, and the remaining members nominated by Community Partners. The term is two years. Half the board will be selected each year to provide continuity. Each Nominee will be supportive of the mission and vision of Environment Lethbridge (available on our webpage), and be willing to commit up to 10 hours each month to the governance and administration of the organization, and to activities of project sub-committees. Further information about the operations of Environment Lethbridge and the Executive Committee is available in our Governing Policies.

Nominations for the Executive Committee are due by Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. The Nomination shall include: A letter of interest and a curriculum vitae from the Nominee to be emailed to