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  1. Janice VanDyk

    Can I get a map with street names in them?

  2. Joni

    I don’t see Saskatoon berries on this map but read an article stating that they’re ripe. Where are they planted?

    • elsiteadmin

      Hi Joni,
      I don’t believe there are any saskatoons that are planted in the urban parks in Lethbridge. There may be some in the river valley, but those are protected for wildlife and shouldn’t be picked.

  3. Coral schuld

    Thank you so very much for planting these

  4. Lori-Anne Yanosik

    I was wondering if there are any Harvest apples planted? I know they are not ripe yet but I would love some please
    I will try to pick (i use a walker and scooter but are willing to put forth my best effort to do again what I did as when I was a child back East

  5. Irene Schwarz

    The fruit on these public trees are free for the picking, right? Do you know when Evan’s Cherries are ripe? Thanks, Irene

    • elsiteadmin

      Any fruit trees on public property (except in the River Valley) are available for picking. I don’t know when the cherries will be ripe, I would suggest checking regularly! Good luck!

    • Danna

      Hi Irene, we got some ripe last weekend at Nicolas Sheran park. There should be some more at this time as there was still lots not ready at the time. Danna

  6. Christina

    I am interested in picking some of these fruits. Please advise when and where.

    • elsiteadmin

      Hi Christina,
      We provide the online map, but we don’t monitor the trees to know when they are ripe. We recommend checking back regularly!

  7. Amy

    Irene, there are cherry trees on 23rd Ave north, between 20th street and 23rd st north. They were ready last week. Good luck, Amy

  8. Daina. Ully

    Where are the pear trees I also see the map say plum tree to. But I can’t find them I was at Nicole’s Sharon. But was snot able to find them

    • elsiteadmin

      Hi Diana,
      The map is our product but the information comes for the City of Lethbridge’s Park Department. We are looking into getting updated information to ensure that it is accurate as possible. Keep checking back for updates.