How does it work?

Residents can place any items that are suitable to reuse on their property in front of their house on Friday evening before 5:00 and mark them with a FREE sign or sticker. Over the weekend, people are invited to cruise the streets and help themselves to any of the goodies, free of charge. The event is over on Sunday evening at 4:00 pm. Anything remaining after 4:00pm on Sunday must be taken back in by the owner; the City will NOT be collecting these items. The event is voluntary and is intended as a unique option to give away items.

Please mark all items included in Reuse Rendezvous as “Free” and remove any other items from the area to prevent unfortunate mix-ups.

Give away etiquette: Only claim items that are clearly marked as “Free”. In particular, ensure that items such as bicycles, kid’s toys and garden equipment are intended to be given away before taking them. Respect other people’s property, belongings, and traffic laws. Consider the safety of items left out for reuse and consult the Consumer Product Safety Bureau if unsure.

How do I participate?

1. Set items to give away in front of your house (on your property) on Friday evening.

2. Place a sign or sticker saying “free” on all items to be given away and ensure that all items that you want to keep are tucked away so there’s no confusion.

3. On Sunday evening, take all uncollected items back to your home.

The City will NOT be picking up uncollected items – see below for disposal suggestions.

***Multi-family dwelling? Talk to your landlord or building maintenance personnel and discuss what area of the property you may use to display your items to give away. Need suggestions on how your tenants can participate? Email
for ideas.

How will people find the items I am giving away?

Residents are invited to cruise the streets in search items that they can use and can take anything that is labeled ‘free’.

We encourage everyone to follow our Facebook event page and to use the hashtag, #lethreuse2021 to connect via Twitter, Instagram and other social media.

We also have an interactive Google map that allows participants to pin their location on the map. This will allow people to easily see where your giveaway pile is located, and people can plan cruising routes to visit many locations.

What should I give away?

Set out items in the front area of your house that are usable but unwanted. This is a great opportunity to clear out all those dusty items that are cluttering your storage spaces. Here are some examples of appropriate items to give away:

Books, CDs, DVDs, records
Furniture and small appliances
Sports equipment and toys
Yard and gardening equipment (ex. lawn mowers, snow blowers, shovels)
Kitchen gadgets, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans
Unwanted gifts
Construction material including drywall and hardware (ex. nails, bolts and screws)
Electronics (working and functional)

No Trash!

Only items that are in good condition and are usable should be placed out to give away. Ask yourself these questions:

Does it work?
Is it reasonable to fix?
Is the technology still relevant?
Can anyone use it?
Is it safe?

Can I sell my items?

No, Reuse Rendezvous is a No Cash event! Items put out for this event are free for the taking and should be labeled ‘free’.

What can I do with leftover items?

Items that are not picked up by anyone and are left over from the event are to be taken back in to the home from which they came. The city will NOT be picking up uncollected items. Here are some disposal options for left over items:

Consider donating unwanted items to charitable organizations or a local thrift store. Show respect by calling first to find out what they will accept, and where/when you should make your donation. Please don’t just dump!

Use an online program such as Kijiji or Freecycle to post your free items.

Some items may be recyclable in Lethbridge for free or for a small fee. This includes electronics, bicycles, lawn maintenance equipment, unpainted/untreated wood, pallets, car batteries, paint, metal (including appliances) and drywall. If you’re unsure about where to recycle your item, please visit the Waste Wizard, call the Waste and Recycling Hotline, 403-329-7367 or email

You may choose to put unwanted items in the landfill. To dispose of items that will not fit in your waste collection cart, you may call Large Item Service to arrange for a scheduled pick up. Alternatively, you may haul your items in your own vehicle to the Waste & Recycling Centre and dispose (tipping fees may apply).