Over the past 10-15 years, local food has emerged as an environmental issue for many communities. Locally grown food is perceived as being healthier and better for the environment due to better growing practices and reduced transportation emissions. Local food often comes with less packaging and is fresher when it reaches the consumer.

Lethbridge has some innovative initiatives underway when it comes to urban agriculture and community gardens. There are many opportunities for everyone to be involved with local food in our community. Other indicators are less positive. Food waste is a significant problem, with organic material comprising nearly half of the waste in our landfill. Pollinators, such as honeybees, remain at risk following substantial population declines within the past ten years.


1. That the development and expansion of community gardens in Lethbridge continue to be supported.
2. That the reduction of organic waste is an important next step in the Lethbridge’s waste reduction program.
3. That pollinators of all types be supported through the planting of bee friendly plants and shrubs.