multi-family-guide-coverWe have created Sustainability Guides to be used as toolkits that will help you reduce your environmental impact. They include simple changes in five key areas that will help to drastically reduce your environmental impact over time. No matter where you are starting, we have you covered.

The Multi-Family Guide will help those living in condos, apartments, townhouses or other multi-family dwellings get started on their path towards sustainability.



Sustainability for your organization



The Sustainability For Your Organization Guide contains information about how businesses and not-for-profits can be more sustainable.






The Sustainable Events Guide will help make any of your events more sustainable. Download our free Sustainable Events Guide and 50+ Ways to Host a Sustainable Event to help make your event green. Environment Lethbridge would be happy to help support event organizers in making their events greener. Contact us for more information.





Our Food Storage Guide provides tips on storing everything from vegetables to leftovers to help prevent food waste and help you get the most out of your food.






Give gifts that won’t end up in the landfill. See the full range of green gift options with our Gift Giving Guide.





Whether you’re wanting to learn why plastic use should be reduced, looking to eliminate more plastics from your life,
or ready to make some bigger changes in your zero-waste journey, this guide will be a helpful nudge in the right direction.