Want to take action to help improve air quality? Here are our top three ways to improve air quality in Lethbridge.


Vehicle emissions can be a significant contributor to poor air quality. Idling your vehicle (even in cold weather) is bad for your vehicle and hard on the environment.


Turn off your vehicle when you are stopped for more than 2-3 minutes.



Although we may not see the impacts of emissions from energy generated from fossil fuels, wasting energy creates emissions that affect our overall air quality.


There are many ways to conserve energy. Click here for tips and suggestions.



Unnecessary burning releases pollutants into the air. Burning garbage such as plastic can create toxic pollutants.


Leaves and yard waste can be composted at all City of Lethbridge recycling depots. Trash should be recycled when possible or disposed of properly.



Looking for even more ways to take action? Check out these other suggestions:

Consider buying electric or battery powered lawnmowers, leaf blowers or other small machinery to reduce emissions.

Carpool, ride your bike or take the bus to cut down on vehicle emissions.

Use a natural gas fireplace instead of a wood-burning one to further reduce emissions.

When replacing your vehicle, consider fuel efficient models that produce fewer emissions.

Take a single trip to run errands, rather than multiple, less efficient trips.

Maintain your vehicle (including tire pressure) to improve your fuel efficiency.