Welcome to the Walk Your Trash Talk Challenge!

This is a self-directed Challenge designed to help you reduce your waste footprint over the next 30 days. There are two ways to track your progress in the Challenge. We recommend using this Google Sheet, which will calculate your progress automatically. To access the spreadsheet, click the link. Once the sheet is open, under ‘File’ choose ‘Make a Copy’. You will need access to Google Drive to use this sheet. If you do not have a Google account, or if spreadsheets aren’t your thing, you may also download a PDF of the Tracking Sheet.

On the Tracking List, you will find a list of 30 actions to complete throughout the month. Some actions may be things you can do daily, like using a reusable coffee mug, while others, such as donating gently used clothing, are one-time actions.

Some of the actions are linked to websites or other sources to give you information and ideas about how to complete that action. Actions that are linked show up in blue, underlined text on the spreadsheet, or are listed below for convenience.

As you complete the actions and check them off, reward badges will appear automatically in the Badges tab. Challenge yourself and your friends and family to see how many badges you can earn! Badges are also displayed below should you want to use or share them (no cheating!). We have also included 4 Stretch Goals. These goals are intended to push you to go the extra mile to reduce waste.

Good luck! We’ll be checking in throughout the month, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. You can reach us by email at info@environmentlethbridge.org.

Walk Your Trash Talk Actions:

Single Use Plastics

Use a reusable mug

Use a reusable bag

Adopt plastic-free alternatives for pet waste

Shop package free

Stop junk mail

Food Waste

Do an inventory of your cupboards

Plan your meals

Use a shopping list

Buy items within 2 days of their Best Before date

Eat leftovers

Make a root-to-stalk recipe

Organize your fridge to store perishables

Textile Waste

Repair an item of clothing

Buy no new clothing

Sell or donate excess clothing


Take yard waste to depot or compost it

Mulch leaves on lawn or garden

Grass-cycle or compost lawn clippings

Curbside Recycling

Download Lethbridge Loop App and set up reminders

Use Waste Wizard sorting tool

Take a virtual tour of Material Recovery Facility


Take part in a Pitch-In or clean-up event

Pick up trash in neighbourhood or park


Take hard to recycle items to Waste and Recycling Centre

Nominate a community wasteless leader

Watch Wasteless videos and share with friends

Post about Walk Your Trash Talk on social media

Stretch Goals

Do a waste audit and set a waste reduction goal

Buy nothing but essentials

Go zero waste for April

Walk Your Trash Talk Badges